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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post

Agreed it's not cut and dry. But it's like teaching someone to swim by throwing them into the deep end. Sure some might learn to swim really fast, but it wouldn't be my method of choice.
Sink or swim is in fact my method of choice. This is the NHL, not the girl scouts. It is up to every grown man 18 and over to fight his way into this league.

Sh-it line mates? Too bad. Make lemonade with lemons.

I am increasingly concerned about Eller. He is not doing what it takes to earn a top 6 NHL spot. I don't care about details, linemates, and time on ice.

With every support possible, professional management and coaching, fantastic facilities and equipment, very good training and injury support, and Therrien supporting him today:

Earn your spot. This is Eller's last chance.

We are so soft on our prospects. It's a joke.

Tremblay did not need coddling. He skated his ass off and scored goals, ugly goals. He performed.

Lambert never said a word, he just became a superb power winger and did his job, at a very young age.

Flower sucked it up and worked on his game, after they turned the lights off at the Forum, he kept shooting at the net, night after night. No one changed his diaper.

Risebrough did not need bed time stories.

Larry did not need someone making sure he did not get pissed on Crescent street. He went into the Spectrum and crushed Philly players instantly. Hello, I am here.

BO arrived, and crushed guys every single night to earn his spot.

Ask more of our prospects. They can't cut it by age 23? Too late.

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