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Originally Posted by Big McLargehuge View Post
1. The 'haves' just end up getting richer whenever that happens. If I 'contract' the Tampa Bay Rays it's not the Pirates and Astros getting the good players, it's the Yankees and Red Sox. It just tends to widen the gap between the top and bottom of the league, where a dispersal draft would narrow it.

2. In OOTP it's possible to see team's financial reports pretty easily.

3. I'm waiting to find this out myself. Trying to make sense of the schedule editor via OOTP is basically impossible since baseball and hockey schedules are just too different. In OOTP there is an option for a balanced schedule though, so it'd be safe to assume that if you have a league of 22 teams without conferences or divisions you'd very easily be able to get each team to play each other twice at home and twice on the road simply by setting an 84 game schedule with balanced schedules on.

4. I've asked some questions about the relegation system and how youth gets handled and haven't heard a word back. This one is driving me crazy, since a free-for-all would mean I'd have absolutely no interest in using such a league for much the same reasons as #1.
Yes, but there is the salary cap to stop them from getting them all, at least in hockey there is.

If you 'contract' a crappy team, then it won't really matter so much, like for instance I was thinking of contracting teams such as Columbus, Nashville and Phoenix, they don't really have any elite talent on their rosters, so it wouldn't be a big deal.

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