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Originally Posted by Martini View Post
What a fantastic topic!

The Dynamite Kid/ Tiger Mask series in what remains the bar for every single match going in the current wrestling landscape. The impact and grace of two of the most gifted wrestlers ever to hit the squared circle even to this day is ashtonishing to watch.The Montreal Screwjob and the dressing down of Bret Hart in front of a national audience remains one of the greatest accomplishments in wrestling history. It is comedic gold, to say the least.

Chris Benoit killing his family in cold blood is also up there considering the after math has regulated un needed brutality to get over.

Hogan -Andre

Bruno- Superstar

Rock- Hogan

Any Kobashi match from the 90's.
The Dynamite/Tiger Mask matches truly do stand the test of time , phenominal.

Goldberg/Lesnar match at Wrestlemania is another one I will never forget , not because it was a good match but because of the crowd reaction , never seen anything like it at the time.

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