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01-27-2013, 05:59 AM
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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
true, and it's also true that he's one of the most reliable guys out there.

but in the "hockey world" a reliable guy is still wrong more often than not.

So, to think this went from rumor to "confirmed" is foolish at best.

It could very well be true, but as of right now it's still just a rumor, not a fact.
- Dreger and Lavoie are as reliable as it gets.

- Both reported the offer as news, not as rumor.

- The terms reported are not vague at all. 2,2 in the first year and 2,9 in the second is more specific than the stuff Eklund and Garrioch make up.

- Given that the offer is reported to have not changed since May, the Subban camp doesn't have many options, other than sitting out longer (I'm sure Subban wants to get back on the ice asap) or soliciting offer sheets (Subban supposedly wants to stay in Montreal). So, to get public and media pressure going, it appears to have been in Subban's interest for Meehan to leak the contract terms. We have a motive.

- There has been a 24 hour poopstorm over this, and no denial from the team, agent or any other media. When a story gets this big, other media scramble to confirm or deny. In this case, there's not a peep of denial.

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