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Originally Posted by jakapono24 View Post
If we start 5-0 the parade route is planned, if we start 2-3, blow it up? Wait for an adequate sample. If the goalies continue to struggle after 15/20 games, I'm confident management will address it. It's not as if this team was a surefire playoff team anyways. Just stop making these threads, or make one giant one for children to vent after a loss.
To me the biggest problem with the leafs is mentally, the skill is there we've seen them go up against tough teams and win and lose against soft ones. The leafs came out swinging in the 1/2 of the Islanders game but the minute they got a 3-1 lead the entire team got cocky they felt "oh hey we got a solid lead against a crappy team, lets just put it in idle the rest of the way", problem is when YOU are a bottom feeding team of the league since 04' you simply cannot afford to snub your nose at the opposition. Tonight against the rangers there was NO preperation, these guys came in and got two measly shots throughout the opening period, I'm sorry there is just zilp excuse for that, but in their advantage leafs did a good job of playing solid defensive hockey. It fell apart (again) when they got the 2-0 lead and like the previous game cockiness set in, their biggest undoing that game was not knowing how big/bad the rangers was, the leafs let their guard down and the rangers steam-rolled them for the rest of the game.

A 2-3-0 start isn't horrible, granted its not great either. The problem is this team as a WHOLE just isnt one thats going anywhere anytime soon, so yea its time to tear it down and rebuild. I would keep a few pieces such as Kessel/Gardiner/Lupul/Kadri/Komorow and bring in the players with the RIGHT attidude to win.

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