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01-27-2013, 06:31 AM
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Home Ice - radical action needed by MLSE

Once again the record on home ice is poor and I wouldn't mind betting will continue in a similar vein through this shortened season and as a result any chance of the post-season will be dashed.

Aside from the actual on-ice performance a significant contributory factor is that the ACC is palpably NOT an intimidating venue for visiting teams. The only consistent noise come from the 500 level and gets lost down below.

The key areas down near ice-level are filled with the suits. Now here is the rub. I've never thought the best place to watch a hockey game is near the ice. Mid-level is by far the best for getting the premier all-round view of the ice.

This of course will never happen but until we can get more true hard-core fans down near the ice, making noise, actually supporting the team, the ACC will continue to resemble a library and a friendly place for visiting teams.

MLSE needs to re-brand the seating plans, 'SELL' the premier seats to the suits at mid-level and have the real fans in seats near the ice and up at 500 level and thus 'squeeze out the silence'.

I'd love to hear other thoughts on how the ACC COULD be made a more intimidating venue.

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