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Originally Posted by Robb_K View Post
The Blues success at The NHL level is a nice drawing card. Their shot at winning The Stanley Cup might even make Barulin think twice about leaving his high KHL salary and comforts of home! I would guess tha most Euros now would consider trying to make The NHL with The Blues, unless they see their way blocked by a current glut of prospects and/or very young and very talented NHL players with The Blues at their position.
Breaking it down though, we probably have 4 players playing in Europe that are the quality we would like to see playing in North America.

Niklas Lundström - Goalie that is probably better off remaining in Sweden, where he'll be #1 for AIK next season.

Jani Hakanpää, Petteri Lindbohm & Teemu Eronen - All LHD, so tough to accomodate all in the AHL. How realistic is their path to the NHL? Jackman is signed for another 2 seasons and Kris Russell fits the system, will be signed to a modest contract and is going to be worth significantly more to us than trade value.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Hakanpää come over this offseason, but I can't say the same for Lindbohm and Eronen.

Edit: Also on Lundström, I expect he'll be in the US for the 2014/15 season. I I'm honest, I think there is a better chance of him being on the Blues roster than not at that point.

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