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Originally Posted by makbowles View Post
someone said on another board that 2.55 is the initial offer for a bridge contract and since PK hasn't even wanted a short term bridge contract Bergevin has no reason to change his 2.55 offer.

Until PK says he would be open to a 2 year deal why would Bergevin move off his initial offer? This scenario to me makes the most sense.
I think the offer is true and it doesn't make sense for a couple of reasons.

1. If Bergevin wants a bridge deal, the main purpose would be for cost control. If he's willing to go to 4-5million on a bridge deal then the idea is stupid, because PK will most definitely get a significant raise after the deal is up like 99% of all players get.

2. If he had offered fair value, PK would be signed. He said himself he doesn't prefer a bridge deal, but in the end he just wants fair value.

3. It makes no sense to offer a bridge deal unless you're uncertain of the players ability and need to evaluate further (if this is the case, we're in trouble) or you want to restrict costs. PK will end up with more money in the end by accepting a bridge deal, however, security is often more important to a young man with his entire career ahead of him.

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