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Originally Posted by Colt.45Orr View Post
IMO, we need some size, speed, hustle and hitting added to upgrade this forward unit for a long playoff run. So what are the options?

1) Caron (has some size) seems to be Julienís default button, but Iím not a fan of him at all.
2) Sauve (always see him listed at 6í2) has 6Ē on Bourque and has speed to burn but no real hitting. Iíd like to see him get a bunch of games in so he either takes the role fully or makes himself more valuable at the deadline as a trade chip.
3) Move Paille up to the 3rd line, and put in MacDermid on the 4th. Tell the kid to just worry about putting pucks deep and start laying on the body.
4) Trade for big-bodied forward
5) Wait for DKH's boy, Knight, who can make some hits
6) Call up Camara on emergency basis for the rest of the year
You know what, it is a myth or at least some people are mistaken, but I wouldn't put them as one of the smallest teams though. It depends on what website you use, and do you include goalies? Do you include no talent/healthy scratch plugs? Those numbers can be skewed by 1 guy. Replacing Bourque with John Scott would make us one of the biggest teams but doesn't mean we would be better. Adjusting for size X time on ice would bring us up further. Our biggest players actually play a lot as opposed to guys like Scott, Sestito, Orr, Shelley, McLaren, Westgarth, Bollig, Hordichuk, M Kassian, McGratton, Barch, Janssen, Boulton, Reaves, Labrie, etc.

And just because they aren't the biggest team doesn't mean they aren't the Big Bad Bruins. Are they not one of the toughest teams? Do they not have one of the best combos of size and skill in the league? Who can match a forward & D combo of Lucic & Chara in TOI, scoring, skill, hitting, toughness?

I disagree with just about everything you said. The only thing I agree with is we could use an upgrade on Bourque. If it comes with size then great - I mean Cam Neely is my favorite player ever. Last I checked he was retired. Given the rest of the team I'll take skill over size any day. We have plenty of toughness despite the lack of size of some forwards.

We won with Ryder & Recchi who weren't big. We lost to Washington for a variety of reasons little of which I think has to do with size. Part of it was the loss of 2 big players (Horton & McQuaid), but I don't think it was because of size. It had more to do with losing their skill, underperformance of almost the whole team, and Bergeron injured & not being able to take faceoffs. Combine that with a hot goalie, some bad luck, a tired team, and the last goal that should not have counted, and there is your 1st round exit.

The Rangers didn't get Arnott for size to compete with us. They had great size already. They got him because he is still a decent player (they hope after the layoff), and they have been relying very heavily on the top two lines. They needed depth. Yes his size is good. I'm not scared of their size. Richards, Gaborik, their D and Lundqvist are what I would possibly worry about.

Who did teams add?
Buffalo - added a 5 minute plug (Scott) and Ott (not big). They also got rid of Kassian for a smaller skill player.
Montreal - Prust. Added toughness but not that big. Who else? Armstrong. Sorry not worried about their size at all.
Ottawa - lost size and toughness. Carkner, Konopka, & Kuba.
Toronto - 5 minute plug (Orr). Anyone else? Lost Rosehill & Armstrong.
Washington - lost Semin and Knuble (and Wideman), signed Fehr and Wolski. They probably lost a little size there and I would rather face Fehr & Wolski than Semin & Knuble regardless of size or toughness. None of those guys are tough players anyway.

Our other main competition:

Philly - big D, very small centers. Couple of plugs for big guys - Shelley and Sestito. I'm more worried about their skill.
Pittsburgh - same thing, not real big anyway, but their skill is more worrisome than size.

If these guys want to trade any of their skill for toughness, then I say let them. The Bruins do play their best when hitting and engaged by the other team.

We have one of the best combos of size, skill & toughness in the league. Caron & Sauve will get their chance if Bourque can't cut it and they deserve it. MacDermid will too but what will he add? 1.4 lb to our average and a guy who will play less than 10 minutes a night? Knight will hit but isn't big. He also needs to prove he can stay healthy and play in the AHL before he gets a chance. Camara, I know that was a joke and isn't happening at least until their would be a real emergency, but let's also let him prove he can play higher than juniors first. Coming in to throw a few hits and not scoring isn't going to be a big help. Bourque by the way is 4th on the team in hits though it obviously doesn't have the same effect of someone with size.

#4 is their only option if someone (Bourque, Caron, Sauve, MacDermid, Spooner, Tardif), whether they have size or not doesn't work out.

And I would be more concerned with whether they can play than what their size is. If we had St. Louis, Whitney or Giroux would we care that we have a somewhat small forward group?

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