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01-27-2013, 07:08 AM
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This is one that really peaked my interest....

According to Williamsport Outlaws team sources the non-profit organization that runs the ice rink at Bowman Field owed Outlaws owner Kristin Rooney an undisclosed amount of money believed to be $65,000. The funds were to pay for the completion of the rink.

The non-profit group which is headed up by Federal Hockey League Commisioner Don Kirnan was also in charge of the concession stand at Bowman Field; owed portions of revenue to the Outlaws as well as money to the City of Williamsport for outstanding utilities totaling in excess of $50,000.

Sources also indicated that the non-profit group expressed to city leaders there intention of not paying the outstading utilities.

In response, city leaders relayed to Outlaws Owner Kristin Rooney and Federal Hockey League Commisioner Don Kirnan that unless the bills were paid no ice arena would be built.

After hearing that, Outlaws Owner Kristin Rooney informed Federal Hockey League Commisioner Don Kirnan that if there was no arena in Williamsport to play in and the Federal Hockey League still owed her money, then she was not going to spend additional funds estimated to be $100,000 for the Outlaws to complete the season.

Yesterday the final Outlaws home game scheduled for 1:05 p.m. against the 1000 Islands Privateers was cancelled and the team ceased all operations.

Sources close to the situation have indicated the likelyhood of litigation in this matter.
This is why the FHL will fail... not the fact that its A-level hockey. It the pathetic morons like Don Kirnan that's the reason for bungled cluster***** of calamity and I truly hope that these knuckleheads especially Kirnan gets what he has coming to him and that Rooney litigates this to the fullest extent.

Outlaws and FHL stiff Williamsport>>>>>

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