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01-27-2013, 07:09 AM
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Originally Posted by dahrougem2 View Post
Ok, now that you have shown your love for O'Reilly (which I have too, love the guy to death), consider the fact that trading O'Reilly for 6'8, 220lb defenceman who's ammassed 109 points in 221 career games so far, including his 48 point rookie season, which was only 7 less than O'Reilly's career high, and I think the Avs take this deal and run. Yes O'Reilly is a fantastic player and most likely will be a great two way player for the rest of his career, but a player like Myers does not come along often, with his size and skill
He could be even bigger, but what good does that make when he doesn't use his frame at all? There's no freaking way I'd trade Radar for Myers right now (I won't even go into the Barrie for Adam part of the proposal which severely favours the Sabres), given the fact that we have no idea if Stastny will re-sign with the Avs, given Myers's inconsistent play, given his absurd contract (I bet EJ would be pretty happy to have a guy worse than him making 2mil more) and last but certainly not the least given the obvious hole we have without Radar in our lineup (look no further than last night beatdown against the Sharks where Radar's great defensive presence could've really made a difference).

He gives us something that we sorely miss right now, a guy who can go against opposing top lines. Trading him right now is shortsighted at best.


I forgot probably the most important part, Myers is a RH shot, which in turn means we'd pay a 2nd pairing defenseman 5.5mil and it's not like we lack RH d-men in our system.

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