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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I don't think anybody actually wants Gauthier back.

At best, some people think Gauthier would have been less stupid. But that's like a battered wife longing for her previous husband because he was less abusive.

I don't want Bergevin, I don't want Gauthier, I don't want post-boat-accident Gainey, and I don't want Houle. They may all have strengths relative to one another but they're all failures. I want a legitimate GM for the Montreal Canadiens.

- Somebody who thinks long-term rather than short-term.
- Somebody who realizes that the top-6 forwards are more important than the bottom-6 forwards.
- I want a GM who evaluates each situation on its own merits rather than one who cooks up ridiculous ideologies like "bridge contracts" and "I won't sign players during the season".
- I want a GM who is comfortable with the cap, not some idiot who is "not a numbers man".
- I want a GM who can build a stanley cup contender, and who can maintain its status.
- No more Ribeiro for Minimum. No more McDonagh for Gomez.
Bergevin ex-Subban has been actually damn good so far, IHMO. I will await to see further results before slamming him down.

and Subban's situation hasn't finished yet. How about we see the endgame before calling it a failure?

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