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I agree, its about attitude....the Bruins have a gang mentality partly becasue they been together so long they have many deep friendships.

Also, you are as you think- and these guys or some of them think they are pretty tough and aint taking ****.

Scales are great to have and everyone should have one but I'll take Ronnie Lott over William 'the Refrigerator' Perry any draft day regardless of need and go from there

the Cherry Bruins were one high end defenseman from being almost my perfect team- they had Beauty and Beasts....same team, same position (RW) you could trot out Middleton or O'Reilly. They had Ratelle and Marcotte, but also Jonathan and Wensink. They had 'don't turn your back guys' like Cashman or Schmautz- both known to get an occassional high sticking penalty. And they had Park on D. That was the one area they needed to do better and they would have won a Cup or two.

I'm an advocate of all things equal to draft certain types like 'my guy,' Camara, MacDermid, Sobotaka, Marchand, Payne etc...Lucic of course is one of this generations homeruns with these types of players.

I like what Boston is doing, and you can't be 'cowboys' like the 70's and even pre LOCKOUT #1 but you can still play guys that can play this game if need be. Chara is the quintissential player and the first thing I think about when this comes up.

Its almost like a Rock Band- you have Chara and Lucic at the forefront, the guys most hockey fans associate with the Bruins image; it is backed up by supporting cast in Thornton, who imo is the best fighter of all of them, and can blend in conscious awareness to any fight- not easy and why all individuals fighting him should just go all Terry O'Reilly on this guy and make it a slugfest cause Thornton is a bit undersized. The beating and 'taking apart' of Boggard a few years ago was incredible- it would have made Hanibel Lectner applaud they way he tied Derek up took away his power and then systematically beat his ass. I had a nice view a few feet away and watched Derek struggle to no avail to get his arms loose- it was fly in the web stuff.

McQuaid also adds to this- and when Hockey fights and youtube shows you his epic beatdown of predatory punk Raffi Torres, or Lucic jaw shot to Carkner the other night it adds to the Bruins lore.

but to me guys that can body check- like the shot Paille took, or some of Seidenberg's, and certainly Boychuk over the years (he averaged 1 player knockout per Stanley Cup round it seemed- one way or another, it was even his deflected shot that I think got Stamkos in game 7 in the face and took him out for awhile)...Bergeron's rookie year he was a great shoulder guy- he hits less but still does, but he was fantastic that first year.

Give me a clean team that will take the body consistently and have enough artilary to be the favorites in any line brawl and I'm happy as a Cam

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