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01-27-2013, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by The Podium View Post
This fan base has gone full retard

What happened to all those fans who were going to be indifferent about this season because either route in the standings would be a bonus. What happened to those who said if we make the playoffs than great, but a top 5 pick would benefit us more. Obviously everyone who said that was ****ing ************. Calm the **** down, stop trying to sell off whatever valuable pieces we have for what are the worst possible returns.
I'm still here , what? you want me to gloat that we got blown out 2 games in a row and lost good leads?

You want me to talk about the resemblance between this team and Dorothy's 4 companions?

No heart , No courage, No brains and some of them are flat out dogging it?

Ya wanna know what retarded is?

Retarded is btchn at folks that are crying now, the ones that fooled themselves into false hope, regarding this team and thinking they are the same folks that have been preaching the so called "tank" all along.

For the record, selling off players for picks and prospects is a major spoke in the "tank" wheel.

Dion is 27, in todays NHL thats the average age, "in their prime" so to speak. Does he look like a 6.5m "in their prime" player to you?

Kessel is so one dimensional he makes flat blush, he makes lazy cowards feel brave and energized.

I can't think of a worse example you want to set for your teammates. Sorry guys, i just want to zoom around the ice (well , once i finally get back into game shape, you can't expect me to show up ready to play do you?, I'm your star, i get THE treatment, don't ya know.) and score points , i have a phat contract to sign soon, me needs ta get paid, me needs da O #s dawg.

You all others, you lesser likes, you do the hitting and back checking , the grunt work for grunt pay, i just want to zoom around and gets paid.

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