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01-27-2013, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I don't think anybody actually wants Gauthier back.

At best, some people think Gauthier would have been less stupid. But that's like a battered wife longing for her previous husband because he was less abusive.

I don't want Bergevin, I don't want Gauthier, I don't want post-boat-accident Gainey, and I don't want Houle. They may all have strengths relative to one another but they're all failures. I want a legitimate GM for the Montreal Canadiens.

- Somebody who thinks long-term rather than short-term.
- Somebody who realizes that the top-6 forwards are more important than the bottom-6 forwards.
- I want a GM who evaluates each situation on its own merits rather than one who cooks up ridiculous ideologies like "bridge contracts" and "I won't sign players during the season".
- I want a GM who is comfortable with the cap, not some idiot who is "not a numbers man".
- I want a GM who can build a stanley cup contender, and who can maintain its status.
- No more Ribeiro for Minimum. No more McDonagh for Gomez.
I wanted new ideas. Unfortunately the new ideas we are getting so far are an emphasis on narrative and old fashioned values instead of innovation. As if "no excuses" signs, not walking on the logo and treating all players under a certain age equal regardless of context can make up for a lack of talent.

Bergevin can still surprise me, but insulting Subban like this isn't really a good start.

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