Thread: Confirmed with Link: Jason Arnott fails physical; Deal with NYR off
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01-27-2013, 07:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Good signing against teams we can get a hold of. Will not help against the rest.
We need a better start to our games. The obligatory 1st shift penalty needs to end. Ultimate momentum killer. This system is not designed for come from behind wins against teams, especially better ones, it is instead built on getting a lead and then nurturing it to hold on to a tight win. I bet we could do ok with this cast in a run and gun kind of game - if we were allowed to play that way - at least with the first line. But Torts will never go there, no creativity or thinking outside the box is allowed, everything has to fit his system and his simple but exhausting play idea. Which might not be the optimal way with the high talent Ghidorah line. Or the PP. I think this is where this shows it weakness the most. Last year this all for one one for all grinding shotblocking system worked great, this year not so much. It is getting a good start to the games by pressuring the O zone and forechecking that has been highly lacking IMO. I truly think that letting the 1st line and The PP being allowed more freedom and creativity is essential to utilizing the skillset there and actually giving us the possibility to use Torts system. Safe is death??? Let the bottom 3 lines play Torts hockey still, but let the talent loose and take some more risks. If we get better starts in the games, we will also be much more successful by implementing the system Torts wants and preaches that also can give us success! And then it is easier to roll more lines spreading out playing time amongst the team, in the end eliminating fatigue as a factor. No???

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