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01-27-2013, 09:00 AM
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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
I'm just curious as to which coach in the League holds any of his vets accountable.

I honestly want to hear which vet on this team should sit for hot prospect Eric Tangradi or anyone of his ilk.

Man, I should really start using picture in picture, because I must not be watching enough games if I'm not noticing how vets league wide are being sat down for prospects that do **** all with the time they're given.
Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Yeah, you nailed that MtlPF. That is all there is to anyone's argument .
Vets being sat or not/Tangradi. And there is no difference between being sat/scratched and simply diminishing ice-time. None.

C'mon now you two, sarcasm is fine, but ignoring the issue isn't. I'm fine with DB working out the kinks in his new breakout and trying to shuffle lines early, but not holding vets accountable is a huge coaching gaffe he needs to fix.

I can point to multiple mistakes Kunitz has made in all four games, that should not be happening. He has not missed a regular shift or been held accountable.

A message could have been sent by giving Vitale a few shifts in his place.

Engo played like garbage agt. Toronto and Despres played his first steady game, yet who gets benched? Then Engo comes out and plays another god awful, ****** game.

Cooke had four atrocious turnovers by the middle of the second period and never sat once.

I get treating your stars differently, (although AO getting benched was nice to see), but please tell me how DB is going to get his message across when the only players he holds accountable are young players?

No system will work when your vets are making the same mistakes every game. It should not be happening. Any excuses people want to make for DB being timid about disciplining his vets are just that - excuses.

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