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01-27-2013, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by ryno23 View Post
Not sure if this belongs in another thread but I think having Orr and Brown on this team is redundant.

Carlyle likes having a tough guy but only played them 3 mins each last night.

Look at the better teams in the NHL they either don't have a tough guy on their team or if so they have only 1 guy.

Listen I know people here love Brown cause of his hustle and willingness to fight. Toronto is a sucker for those type of guys they praises the tough guys more than skill guys....just look at Domi, Motor City Smith, Tiger Williams they all get cult like status in Toronto.

To me Brown is useless on this team. He has no offensive game and now that he no longer kills penalties he is worthless to the Leafs....just a black hole on the ice that cannot create any offensive zone havoc.

You look at the Bruins 4th line which is a model of the NHL. Thornton is their tough guy but both Paille and Campbell can play a tough game and even chip in offensively and work the cycle to wear down teams.

Our 4th line is non existent and in this short season could be useful.

Komorov McClement and Orr would be good on the 4th line and it would allow Nonis to bring someone in to play with Kadri on the 3rd line with a bigger body to compete against the Rangers, Bruins and the other bigger bodies teams in the East.

Do we really need 2 tough guys on this team?
You need to understand, if you put any talented player and play him 5-7 minutes a game, they will never produce, especially on the 4th line. Each line has a role, our 4th line has been the only brightspot in this whole mess. If you think our biggest problem is having a bad 4th line, I seriously question your judgement. We need a better 1st line to be honest.

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