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01-27-2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Ominous Grey View Post
Our defensive system sucks. It has sucked for a while and I can't stop screaming out to the television.

We NEED to hire a defensive guy. We NEED to abandon whatever hybrid zone/man-to-man system we are employing now. It is literally one of THE WORST defensive systems in the league.

The Penguins have the personell to at least be SOUND in our own zone. But time and time again, they force stupid plays.

I know it is only four games in. I get that. But this problem is only going to get worse. Ever since the '09 run, our defense has gotten progressively worse. We had a slight boost during the Michalek/Martin introduction, but these two seemingly solid additions became horrendous liabilities not long after joining our squad. Coincidence? Probably not.

I can't stand this "5-second rule" or whatever Bylsma cooked up. It forces defensemen to make STUPID decisions with the puck and not take their time looking for outlets. I understand that he wants to limit time in the defensive zone, but treating puck possession like a game of hot potato is no way to run a NHL club.

The latest testament to our stupidity in our own end is the throwaways of Strait and Michalek, and support of players like Lovejoy. It's obvious that this organization has a near obsessive compulsion to reward "puck-movers" the expense of everything else.

Changes HAVE to be made, because if the circus of a playoff series last year proved anything, it's that our defense needs an overhaul. Anything less is entirely unacceptable.

You are my new best friend. I've been saying this exact stuff for almost a year now. People just response with "It's Paul Martin's fault."

The stretch pass stretches out our players as much as it stretches theirs leaving a massive opportunity for the other team if they counter. Bylsma's answers everything with "Be more aggressive" We need to collapse around the net like Columbus did to us & the Rangers have done so well. On break outs we need our forwards in our own end helping the defense with outlet passes not up at the other teams blue line.

I have no problem with the aggressive fore check but they way we defend & come out of our zone needs to change drastically.

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