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01-27-2013, 09:44 AM
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I think one of the more interesting things about the NHL is that in this age of people condemning sports for "violence", this league tends to embrace its historic frontier attitude (eye for eye/protect your own/we are the law) approach.

Broad Street Bullies and Big Bad Bruins harken back to imagery of chaos and cool that just doesn't happen today. Lets face, most fans love it.

That said, I think the "myth" of the BBB is because what Colt stated so clearly, the Bruins have three of the toughest fighters and two of the hardest hitters in the NHL. Chara, Looch, and Thornton intimidate the heck out of most NHLers at the very least after the whistle. The Bruins usually get alot of room to operate etc. There are only a few teams than will hang in there and "poke" the bear.

While there are a select few that go after Looch and Thornton, no one and I mean no one goes after Chara, most nights the Bruins get crickets when the challenge they other teams players that are trying to bring it. The Rangers come to mind here. Girardi always has a stupid look on his face when Looch gets riled up, tough team the Rangers? With out Rupp and Asham they would be toothless and neither of those guys can play a lick. So in essence, these are the streamlined BBB for the 21st century. Skilled guys that rate in the top 10-15 fighters of the NHL.

Are these teams as tough top to bottom as they used to be, heck no, but lets face it, no one wants a 5-5 brawl with the Bruins top D pair and 1st line one the ice.

There are some teams that minus Chara stack up pretty good with the Bruins in the jam/skill department and chief among them is Pittsburgh. Engelland and Neil can each play a bit and can scrap when needed.

Players like Lucic and Chara are just so damned hard to come by and lets face it the Bruins wandered the wilderness of the NHL from 95 to 2009 trying to find guys like this to strike the spark again.

We should enjoy this time even more as we contemplate their blend of skill, determination, and toughness and understand more than most what hockey life is without it.

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