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01-27-2013, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by IslesBeBack View Post
Hey guys!

That Islanders logo is amazing. Absolutely brilliant. So good that I actually think the Islanders should be using that once they move to Brooklyn.

Anyways, the Islanders are not to deep with skill. They will play a hard game, and rely on Nabokov for some big saves. It's worked in Nabbys first few games.

Keep an eye on Keith Aucoin. Guy is tearing it up for us right now after being picked up off the waiver wire. He is really showcasing himself. Big on faceoffs and timely goals. Might net one or two tonight. He's on.

Tavares is in a funk right now. Not himself. He's either concussed or still adapting to the NA game after being in Switzerland for 6 months. Can't make a good pass, having a rough time in his own zone, etc. Not very good signs for a promising young player.

Who else? Isles have a sound defense (for once), and a really good PK.

As always, watch out for Grabner on the PK. He likes to use his long reach and hit the breakaway. He's usually due for 2 breakaways a game, so we'll see if he keeps up the average.

Otherwise, I would say both teams are about equal in terms of talent and direction. It's anybodys game IMHO.

Good luck and stay warm. Is it really -18 up there? Jesus. It's 25 degrees here and I can't take it.
Thanks for stopping by. Yea it has warmed up a bit. Spent the most part of the week in the -25 to -30 range with the windchill into the -40 range. Of course that's Celsius not Fahrenheit.

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