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Originally Posted by filth e mcnasti View Post
Somehow my account got deactivated earlier?? I don't know how..

Anyhow..Yeah I have had them stretched out and it's very frustrating because it robs me of all my ability. I tried the missions I didn't like them. I think I want to try the reeboks again, I think those would help maybe in a size E.

I have regular ankles and a fat foot. I hope its the skate, and not my foot kind of pushing the outside of the skate. I've tried the superfeet, and they didn't help at all, so I don't know, I really want to get this figured out it's been almost 20 games, and it's killing me out there.

I just don't know how to figure out my correct foot width. I wish there was a better measuring tool then the one at the store you know, but we'll see I guess. Thanks for the advice!
I don't believe that there is a reliable width measuring device other than whatever they do to custom boots. Not even on the brannock. I have never ever had to or wanted to use that width thing on the brannock. It's much easier to eyeball it and to listen to customer feedback.

If Reeboks don't work, do a little more research on roller-only brands like Alkali, Revision, Tour etc.

Sorry I can't help any more.

Originally Posted by Recast View Post
Might sound like weird question but here it goes. Bought skates awhile ago. Played a few games in them and they fit great... I thought. As it turns out (I don't know how this fact alluded me) one of my feet is wider than the other. I've never had an issue with shoes or boots or anything. My question is: if I take them to where I got them, is there anything they can do? The problem is that after a period or so (this doesn't happen every game) it starts to feel like my skate is crushing my foot. Usually I take my skate off between periods to try and alleviate some of the pain. I mean, it's nothing I can't play through but it is annoying.
Did you bake them when you first got them? What skates are they?

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