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01-27-2013, 09:58 AM
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My thoughts on Colt's options...

1) Caron- I said b4 the season that I thought Bourque would be given every opportunity, but that the job would eventually fall to Caron. It's a shame Caron hasn't been able to play with energy consistently, but I still think he'll get his chance- and I'm pulling for him because I think that he can be a good player. There were a couple weeks there last season where he was the player he was supposed to be and it was impressive. Plus, I think the B's need that role to be filled by someone making short money.

2) Sauve's healthy again and playing well. He followed up his hat trick in the Black/White game with a goal and two assists in two P-Bruin games. If he doesn't get injured again he could get the next call-up. He doesn't bring that strong board game I'd like to see (he's only 184lbs), but like Bourque, if he started scoring then you'd be more willing to look the other way, with regards to board play.

Another option in Providence is Jamie Tardif. Yes, he's a career minor leaguer, but he's also 205lbs, excels in the dirty areas and is scoring at a 40 goal pace.

3) That 4th line has been so effective early on and I'd be hesitant to break them up, but Paille does seem to be playing with a lot of confidence early on and probably deserves a shot. However, instead of MacDermid I'd actually call up Bobby Robbins. He may not be as fast as Paille, but he has a higher motor than MacD and he's got plenty of size at 220lbs.

4) Trade for big-bodied forward: Tough to do IMO. Anyone legitimately good is going to cost enough in trade that you'll want to re-sign them, but they can't sign another $3-4m forward given their cap situation. That's why I wanted to see them sign Arnott, Knuble, etc... They may be washed up but at least you could find out for just money. Now, they may have to trade for a guy like Dustin Penner or Brendan Morrow and hope they can turn things around. (Fwiw, I haven't seen either this year but they are getting killed on their team's boards.)

5) Wait for DKH's boy, Knight, who can make some hits...
IMO, Jared Knight won't be in the NHL until the 2014-15 season. It's not a knock on Jared. I said that [he would need some time in the A] two years ago when everyone said he was going to make the team over Pouliot, I said it last summer, and I'll be saying it again next summer. Most players need time to adjust to the pro game. Pro speed. Pro strength. I know Jared is strong but I'd like to see him get 40+ productive games against professional defenseman to learn those all important adjustments. Marchand, Krejci, Versteeg, etc. all spent two years in the AHL and are better players for it. Let him adjust, let him get confident, then bring him up. It'll be worth the wait.

6) Call up Camara on emergency basis for the rest of the year
See point 5. Hamilton, Seguin, Bergeron, even Lucic are rare players in this league.

At the end of the day, I think they'll give Bourque 6 more games. Then look at other options in Providence (Sauve, Caron, Tardif, Robbins) and maybe kick the tires on the bargain bin at the trade deadline, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with someone.


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