Thread: Speculation: Perry/Getzlaf/Ryan
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01-27-2013, 10:00 AM
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As a warning, I post not to harass any Ducks fan. I could give two craps if you like the team or not. I'm not a hater or a fan, they are neutral to me

I'm curious as you guys obviously know better than I do about what's going on here with the Ducks. I know there is a huge push to re-sign both Perry and Getzlaf to long term deals.

What are the actual chances one of these pieces do not make the roster? It looks like Getzlaf is the main focus, what about Perry or Ryan?

As I said I don't follow the Ducks so just let me know what you guys think. Are there any young guys moving up the ranks to take over a top line spot? I've seen defenseman being taken alot in the first round but not top forwards.

I'm asking because it's big rumors one of those players on that first line will move but who do you guys think will, if any? Is there truth to this?

Are you guys in a re-building mode or what? Do you plan on getting a high draft pick soon to take a guy like Nathan MacKinnon or Jonathan Drouin?

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