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01-27-2013, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by BradD View Post
I hope you realize how rude you're coming off as.

If Ovechkin breaks his slump with a RH and proves that he is better that way, who are you to say otherwise???

A simple change of direction can completely help a player rebound. Some centers like guys with right handed or left handed sticks as well. If you listened to Ribeiro he said it was nice that both wings played according to their position.

It's not going to "drastically" help but it could get him out of his slump.
He's just being honest... albeit, brutally honest.

BTW... I'm quite familiar with Grigorenko. He couldn't make the Red Wings, despite being foisted over many other prospects who were more deserving.

2 things:

He has very poor judgement (in his personal life).

His work effort lacks.

And... if I recall, he's small.

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