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01-27-2013, 10:28 AM
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I'm going to say the same thing here I've been saying to my friends for some time, and it may be unpopular:
We simply can't look at this situation as not having made the playoffs since '03-04 or the cup since 1967. Put all that crap aside. One of my buddies was crying in his beer the other night that he just wants to make the playoffs, get in there, do SOMETHING. I totally disagree.
Am I pissed we haven't made the playoffs in so long? Of course. All I care about is building the proper foundation to be a contender year after year, and make sustained playoff runs.
We have a good foundation to build on I think. There's no need to 'tear anything down', what the hell are you tearing down? There are some good young pieces. People need to change their expectations though for this team for crying out loud.

They're going to have some good games, and a lot of bad ones. But we are not, I repeat NOT a team that's going to do a bloody thing if we happen to squeak into the postseason. If we do - great. But I don't want to sacrifice any young talent to make into that coveted 8th spot. Be patient and actually build. Anyone that believes that we're a Luongo away from making a dent in the playoffs is simply dreaming.

My two cents.

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