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01-27-2013, 10:35 AM
It's gotta be true.
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Originally Posted by PokeCheck101 View Post
"Minor League Affiliate" (??) .... Does this not really just mean tier II? If you don't make AA, you play tier II. This is a way for those wagging the dog to feel a little better if their child does not make AA. Rather than calling it dreaded tier II it's a minor league affiliate? GSHL perhaps needs to take a hard look within themselves. What's next then minor league affiliate jerseys, player contracts, trade deadlines?

Get it to 4 teams, the rest go back to their respective zones... AP your late cuts and be done with it. Focus on keeping solid coaches at tier II and for sure at AA, that's where the focus needs to be.
From what I gathered, the emphasis was not so much calling teams "affiliates", but on actually being affiliated. In fact, I don't recall anyone saying they wouldn't be Tier II. If I'm wrong, I'll stand corrected.

There's a reason why NHL clubs have affiliates. It provides a structure to help ensure continuity of coaching for players. From what I heard, game/practice schedules would have been adjusted to avoid the conflicts that occur now. When injuries occur, AA coaches wouldn't have to scramble - like they do now - to find an AP. And the players they do call up would be familiar with the systems they run. Non-AA players would have more access to practicing with AA players and under AA level coaching. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see the problem.

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