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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
The only reason I think Bergevin won't trade PK is Molson.
The man just bought the Habs for half a billion dollars a couple years back. In his first year, Habs were one of the most boring team to watch, to the point where people didn't even show up at the Bell Center to come watch the game (even if they had tickets for it, Sell out crowds with empty seats). There was controversy around the coach. We finished dead last in the East.
Hoping for a bounce back year, the whole administration is changed, but unfortunately, lockout happens.
After more than 100 days, hockey is finally back, and now Molson is focused on getting his team on the right track, turning us into an entertaining and winning team.
He also has a 180degree view of team and media. He lets his coach go on shows like AC, let's Bergevin speak to the media, creates a behind the scene show about how things work..

I don't think Molson is the type to get involved in hockey decisions. IMO he does his things and let's Bergevin do his. But I believe he would have to put his foot down with PK. I seriously doubt Molson would let Bergevin trade their most marketable and charismatic player.
I mean, if we didn't have PK last year, half the Bell Center would have been empty, and I believe Molson knows this.
I also think this is why Begevin mentioned twice that PK won't be traded. It makes no sense that it comes from him if the $ are true. If he thinks PK is worth so little, then I don't see why you'd be so firm as to not trade him.

Trading PK would not only be a bad hockey move, but a seriously bad business one too, and I don't think Molson will make that mistake.
Molson handled the interview process personally, I think he had to know what Bergevin's plan was regarding Subban.

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