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01-27-2013, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
As I have said many times, Bergevin has painted himself into a corner like the moron that he is.
My biggest issue is that this seems to be more about principle/policy and ego as opposed to a real negotiation.

We keep hearing crap like, oh he can't ''break'', he's gonna lose credibility.
What credibility? He's a rookie freaking GM, he has none.
Also, playing a game of chicken with your young star player by lowballing him is supposed to give him a good reputation? He is making himself look like a moron. Not only that, but also a poor evaluator and negotiator.
I mean, Meehan has over 100 clients. Say one becomes a free agent, Bergevin comes calling, Meehan might just tell him to GTFO unless he wants to seriously overpay.
I mean, 2.2M for this year??? 200K more than Emelin, really?? In what world does this make sense.

Even for the people that side with Bergevin on this are left wondering wtf is going on. If PK asked for Doughty cash, everybody could say this kid was being greedy and selfish, but they can all agree that in a few years he could actually be worth that much, because they see the potential. They just refuse to give so much cash now, and I agree (if he actually demanded Doughty cash, which he hasn't).
But 2.2M? That is just nonsense.

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