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01-27-2013, 10:45 AM
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Things aren't normal. Daniel Winnik is scoring at beyond a GPG pace so far. The dude has played well (as has the guy playing beside him). He's had poise, performed well under pressure making safe plays and has been pretty defensively solid for the most part. They didn't look particularly great in the NYI game (then again, nobody did), but considering they've been eating big minutes game in game out and the fact it was a back to back, it's not that hard to swallow moving forwards. Especially when the rest of the team collapsed as well. To put the blame entirely on some of the better performing players due to +/- really does blow my mind.

Gunnarsson, Bozak, Komarov, Franson, etc etc. I can name tons of players who have made more bone-headed plays that resulted in goals or good scoring chances for the opposition so far into the season.
All of these guys have struggled (Koma/Bozak not so much) But no one has come even close to being as responsible for Goals Against this year as Dion - I'd even argue Dion has out played Scrivens in that department.

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