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01-27-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Calacatz View Post
same guy who is one of those "there's always next year" or "no worries we will get em next time" dudes....

buy they went a whole CBA without making the playoffs and their record is no better with these leaders then it was before they came.. Both are compliment pieces to an elite foundation, not elite leaders..

Stop saying fans are frustrated cause we are 5 games in... this goes back a long ways for some.. its a build up of on going losing...
They the same 80% that supported Burke up until he was Fired.

The same group that were elated with Wilsons' Contract Extension.

The same group that thinks were gonna make the playoffs every year.

Admitting your wrong can be hard - but being wrong over and over and over without even acknoledging that something might be 'wrong' - is just plain ignorant.

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