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01-27-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by MapleLeafGardens View Post
I posted in the post game thread last night that in my opinion fighters have become irrelevant in todays NHL and last nights game was a classic example of why. Both Brown & Orr won decisions in their fights but thereafter which team went on to pick it up the rest of the game scored 5 goals and won the game?

The fighter goon is on the ice intimidation factor is dead. Some Leafs fans and Don Cherry love their goons but the goon intimidation era is long over because of the big salaries now being paid out to players to perform. If a teams goon wins a fight or loses a fight it doesn't matter any more because the players know that when their ass goes over the boards they are being paid big money to perform now and for future contracts.

I can see the day coming when fighting is eliminated from the NHL.
You realize those fights came at 0-0, right? We scored two goals after those fights. By no means did we play well at all afterwords, but c'mon at least tell the whole story, or is that too much to ask?

Fighting will never be completely gone, because if it is you'll have morons like Kaleta ruining the game, taking cheap shots at star players and not having to answer the bell. He ran away from Brown with his tail between his legs, and I'd love to see Orr get his hands on that little **** especially after watching him drop his ogre of a bodyguard.

Fighting serves a purpose. Staged ones where it's two enforcers' first shift maybe not, but if you watched Coach's Corner last night, the example of Smid is perfect. Your best player gets drilled, and you gotta stand up for him.

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