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01-27-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by dredeye View Post
You obviously don't know much about the Bruins. Our 4th line averages 9 to 10 minutes a night. Two of it's members are our top pk'ers. They produce at a decent clip for the ice time their given. As an example Campbell currently has the most points for any player on our team. That obviously won't last but you get the point. It gives us balance through out lineup and gives our top lines an extra little bit of a break keeping them that much more fresh. Although, with a tough, physical team it's essential to the teams success.
My main point was blaming our 4th line for our terrible team is moronic. Our focus should be getting top end talent to play in our top 6, not taking out Mike Brown. I don't even think our 4th line has been scored on, so I don't see how they are a liability.

It is always he same cycle, every year we blame our 4th line when it looks like our team is going to be ****. Makes no sense.

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