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01-27-2013, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Or merely in charge of one of the premiere teams.... you can't say that is not a possibility here. We've had nothing but defensive ineptness in the postseason ever since we won the cup. Even the series we did win against Ottawa (an injured and non-competitive version) we struggled with. Having Sid and Malkin lead all active players in PPG masks a lot of problems.
TR...Fleury's GAA the past 3 playoffs has been 3.02, and his SV% has been .879. If you ask me, the fact that we have consistently had one of the worst starting goalies the last 3 post-seasons is a much bigger factor than any defensive issue. I'd suggest that our playoff defense has actually been pretty solid outside of the Philly series.

We've kept the shots against Fleury down - often to absurdly low levels - yet he always manages to get outplayed by the other guy. Difficult for any coach to win with his goalie playing like that.

Jiggy correctly mentioned a few pages ago, that Sid and Geno are among the worst of our players when it comes to freelancing a breaking from the schemes we are supposed to stick to. But what does that say, that our super stars (hardly prima donnas or alien to putting in the required work) believe in what is being preached so little, and have so little faith in their line mates, that they stray as much as they do? It is not as if their individual gifts (and freelancing) are not front and center reasons to when we are being successful either. When it works we call it genius and all is well, when it doesn't we call the resulting mistakes brainfarts. I am not excusing them, but if Sid and Malkin don't buy what is being preached on the ice then whichever Penguins coach is dead man walking, or should be.
They have not been managing the puck well lately...last year down the stretch when the team got overconfident in their ability to win by offense alone and so far in this 4 game season. That's about it.

I wouldn't read anything like "Sid and Geno have gone rogue!" out of that, which would be pretty sensationalist.

On something tangentially related.... When people say that Sid and Malkin have had their best years under Bylsma.... well, they have been playing for him since they were 21 and 22 respectively. What gives? Does anyone really think that their exploits have been due to Bylsma putting them in a particularly positive position to succeed? With the little I saw of Malkin at Magnitogorsk this season, you sure could argue that he was more dominant there (with quite a few good players in that league), but that is hardly apples to apples of course.
It obviously hasn't hurt them, if that was the implication.

Tampa.... the loss there was no problem to me because of who we were missing, but the way we lost was troublesome.
Fleury playing like trash the last 3 games?

Then Philly..... that was a debacle, and after all the words from the coaching staff and players of having analyzed the problems of that series... to see exactly the same issues at the start of this season.... and see no evolution in how we play whatsoever, and see no accountability for vets, and see the same patterns of starting well only to unravel in games, with Bylsma seemingly incapable of changing anything on the fly, to the point that even minor things like time outs become a recurring joke with him.... then it is hardly weird that many of us are losing hope. I don't say faith, because I haven't had faith in Bylsma being the right guy for this team for a long time.
I think the fanbase is hypersensitive after the loss to Philly.

Yes, it was a trainwreck. No, 4 games into a season like this one is not the time to start looking for parallels.

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