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01-27-2013, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
ftr I've never thought Dubnyk was the guy. Never been comfortable with him as number 1.
But there was a thread up just recently where such opinion was the minority view and a lot of posters suggesting that Dubnyk had turned over the corner. Where are those posters today? That was just 2 weeks ago here lol.

The amazing thing is how many of us actually think Dubs ISN'T the guy. But has anybodies opinion changed?

Dubnyk is like Bad Luongo. You know, absolutely know, that in the wrong pressure moments he will crack, his game will fall apart, and he'll look like he did against SJ. Because we've seen this often enough with him through the years. He's very much of a confidence goalie. Plays reasonably well when things are going his way but doesn't have the psyche to withstand when they're not. He gets rattled, he stops doing the things that contribute to any success. His game falls apart.

to wit against SJ:

-He's tight in the net, which basically negates his size advantage and prevents him from sealing off angle shots. He's hugging goal post and allowing guys to pick spots from an angle. They should have nothing to shoot at.

-Going down prematurely, way too early, way too often. This telegraphs for shooter to go high and also limits Dubnyks mobility. He needs to be on his feet more.

-Rebound control flies south. Easiest thing to note and that tells whether Dubs is on or not is his rebound control. When its off you know he's struggling with focus.
To me, Dubnyk and Hemsky are viewed the same. Crap for the most part [or sub-par to be nice] and then will have a moment here or there were they just redeem themselves for that brief moment.

Way too frustrating to watch

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