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Originally Posted by iArts View Post
I'm with you.

We won't be able to compete as long as we're not willing to pay some serious cash for superstars.
"But they don't serve this much", "but it's immoral", blah blah blah pile of ****. Well you know what, you want that superstar, you better be ready to pay. Because if you're not paying, somebody else will.

I live how mos people here are terrified of overpaying one dollar for a player, while at the same time admiring the Rangers for example. Rags dished out insane amounts of money to get the free agents they got.
The rangers were able to put redden in the minors, something that's not allowed any more. They also ripped the **** out of MTL when dumping gomez. Also, the only player that they signed and that I consider to be a superstar is Gaborik. He didn't get one of those long-term deals either. Brad Richards is a great player, but he's no superstar.

wanna give these guys 10 year contracts? imagine if we gave kaberle a 10 year deal 10 years ago thinking that since he's a top dman and that we should keep him for as long as possible. He would still be playing on our team for 4-5 mil and nobody would want him.

trust me, all these guys signed to long-term deals are going to have negative value in a few years. you guys just dont see it yet because you're too focused on the short term.

Anything longer than a 6-7 year deal is ridiculous unless you're signing a top 5 player... and no Kovalchuk is not a top 5 player.

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