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01-27-2013, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Surely something should leak by now? We're into the middle of Sunday.
Pretty sure they said PK is taking the weekend and they're meeting on Monday.
Originally Posted by JustAHabFan View Post
Is it reported that PK needs the weekend to think over. I am really scare of Monday when PK actually request for a trade.
Very real possibliity of this happenening. He's at home with his family thinking about what he wants to do.

Can't believe we've let it come to this.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
We're talking about PK Subban here. Not an over the hill keeper with a contract set to expire when people will be able to teleport.
If PK is put on the trade market, teams will come calling fast. It won't take you 5 weeks to move him or get the best offer.
You're talking about one of the best young Defenseman in the NHL, a huge marketable player, a superstar potential player, and again, did I say he's only freaking 23??? Which means, he's not even set to become an UFA before a few more years!

All 29 teams will call Bergevin if PK is on the market, and not one freaking team will offer a Talbot+1st, or anywhere near such a small return.

I would hope Bergevin puts him there just to see the interest. When he sees all the GMs calling and the offers pilling up, maybe it would help him realize he probably has something special under his hands and keeping him might be best.
I would. Apparently MB doesn't understand his worth. Why not just offer a piece of crap for Subban and see if you can get him.

Yeah, MB appears to be that stupid.
Originally Posted by odishabs View Post
When Subban signs for 3m per hab fans will love MB to death, its a negotiation people, relax.
If that had been the case without a holdout, you'd be right. Now? I think he's an idiot.

Even if PK signs, we've done real damage to the relationship and PK's reputation around the league. Very stupid thing to do in the name of lowballing a player who's worth well more than what we're offering him.

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