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01-27-2013, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by chsb View Post

I was commenting here on last night's game.

That being said, I have been watching hockey for too long to think your way.
You are not around this team on a weekly basis the way we are and it is clear to me that progress is being made in spite of the results to show it....yet.

This is still a mid pack team, just like the Gatineau team is.
Different events derailed them early in the season and they will come back.

Now, if they end up 14th, I will see like you.

And....who cares about the 99% of people saying they are a 14th place team when they are not Titan fans seeing their team play on a regular basis?

Victo/Drummond/VD/PEI/Chicoutimi/Gatineau are all midpack teams that the Titan could be ahead of if it had not been for the poor season start....

Dupont will be here for many more years I believe.
You keep talking about progress and the team keeps losing. Your 8 games below .500, 30 goal differential (which you said a while ago was an important measuring stick .

Its pointless to try and make you see the obvious. The facts...50 games.... 14th place ... Its much more than a bad start.

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