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01-27-2013, 11:46 AM
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Good post by Anders!
As expected you'll likely see a couple of people trying to slander Malmö here.
Malmö and actually the whole region of Skåne (Scania) is disliked by many Swedes.
This is just old heritage and doesn't really affect any tourist wanting to visit the WJC.

So is Malmö a dangerous place to visit?
No, it's not.
But with that said any town/city in the world can be dangerous if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Sure there are places you'd want to avoid.
But with normal precautions like...don't wander around by yourself in strange neighbourhoods off the beaten track, you'll be just fine.
Then..I've just been to Detroit and walked around by myself (downtown) after dark in areas where I couldn't even see a single soul.
And I'm still alive and well...

This has already been covered by most but Malmös main airport is actually Copenhagen Airport in Denmark!
You'd might think that this would cause extra problems with customs and such.
Don't worry, it wont.
Once you've cleared the airport customs you good to go.
If you rent a car to drive across the bridge to Sweden, sure you have to face customs again on the swedish side.
But mainly what they are looking for is narcotics and smugglers, they don't really care that you visiting from Canada, US, UK or whatever.
If you take the train you might come across a customs officer, but remember once again they are looking for smugglers.
The train never stops at any customs point.

If you're flying in from Europe you might get fooled by an airport called Malmö Airport.
Don't be, this airport is not in Malmö.
This name is only used in advertising purposes and would just land you at a desolate place further away from where you'd want to be.

Where do you want to stay during your visit?
Well this might be a bit tricky and would depend upon what your other interests are, besides hockey.
Yes it is just as easy to get a hotel in Copenhagen and take the train/car to Malmö.
You'll find a whole lot more attractions on the Danish side but don't forget the bridge between the two cities is a toll road, which means it is a bit pricey crossing it several times.
Or well in fact, I wouldn't recommend getting a rental car and then stay on the Danish side.
A single trip across the bridge could set you back as much as 45 EUR...

What to do outside the WJC-hockey?
Like I wrote before this is solely based on your interests.
I'm sure there are plenty of tourism sites across the web that can help out with that one.
But if you're hockey freaks like me you're probably wondering if there's any local hockey to check out in the meantime.
Sad to say this region isn't a hotbed for hockey.
For obvious reasons the team that draws the biggest crowds around here isn't going to play any home games during this period.
If you're looking for a game with an attendance higher than just the players closest friends and relatives then I guess you'd have to search in the Danish AL-Bank League.
Although any Copenhagen team rarely draws crowds that exceeds the 1000 mark...

I guess that's it for now.
But any questions would be welcomed.
Just don't listen too much to all the nonsens being spread around in this thread.

And by the way, yes I've got my ticket to the bronze & gold medal games already!

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