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Originally Posted by MNNumbers View Post
Shockmaster - I guess I should admit that I am really seeing this whole issue on 2 levels:

1) What makes sense geographically. Which would be: Van in the Pacific, and a NW division like you have established.

2) What might happen based on what teams want. And, This is different from what makes sense geographically. What teams want is: Vancouver wants Calgary and Edmonton. In fact, all 3 of those want each other. So, it's close to impossible to put Vancouver alone in the Pacific. Winnipeg wants Minnesota. Minnesota likes that, but also wants Chicago (I am from St Paul. We remember fondly battles with the Hawks). The way you get that is: 4 divisions. The Central one is Winn, Minn, Chi, Det, StL, etc.

I hope that makes sense.
I'm seeing it on two levels too. I think people will regret the NHL's proposed divisional format after 3 or 4 seasons for reasons I stated in previous posts. There will be a lot of uneven play in the regular season and team deserving to make the playoffs won't make it because they finished 5th in a tougher division/conference. Do you think Tampa Bay and Florida want to play with Northeastern teams? Do you think the New York Rangers like being the only original six team in their conference? There's more than one side to your argument.

I think the current format works best, it just needs some shuffling.

Obviously, Vancouver wouldn't like being separated from the Alberta teams, but if it prevents Minnesota and Dallas from having to travel two time zones to play divisional foes then I think that's better for the league. They'll still get to play the Alberta teams four times a year, and being in a division with San Jose certainly wouldn't be boring.

Detroit wouldn't like Columbus going to the eastern conference before they do, but a) maybe Bettman shouldn't make promises he doesn't have the final say on, and b) teams in the west will fight hard to keep Detroit. Granted, Columbus isn't in the southeastern US, but neither is Washington DC.

So if the two biggest problems with my idea is that Vancouver is mad it'll play CGY and EDM four times instead of six and that Detroit is mad Columbus goes east first, then I think that's something the NHL could live with.

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