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01-27-2013, 12:01 PM
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This is a fun discussion.

Can we start over from a different angle??

Let's say Phoenix moves to Quebec. Now what? If you try to keep 6 divisions, how do you do the west?

Pac: Van, SJ, LA, Ana and ???
NW or Mountain: Cal, Edm, Col(unless Col goes to the Pac), ???, ??? Big problem here. Colorado likely has to fill the Pacific. Now you need 3 teams here. Winnipeg and Minnesota are easy choices. Who is next???
Central: Assuming Winn and Minn are in the Mountain. Chi, StL, Nash, Dal, ???, ??? I put 2 ??? because one of these guys has to fill the Mountain Division.

This seems a big conundrum, at least to me. I think the east would go easily. Although, if Detroit isn't in Central, then it's a big fight there, too.

So, long term, it seems if PHX goes to QUE, then the 6 division arrangement has problems.

If PHX stays, or moves to SEA, it's easier, but you still end up with the same set of fights that the BoG went through last year. No consensus.

We can hypothesize all day, but it's not an easy answer.

So, in a way, I think the league is waiting on PHX to really ask this question.

Any one else think that, too?

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