Thread: Proposal: take pity on noobs
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01-27-2013, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Tyler SeQuin View Post
The posters who contribute quality would stick around, because they would be able to engage in worthy conversation in threads that have already been created. The ones who are here to express their quick, off-the-wall knee-jerk reactions might find it a bit tougher to get the reactions from other posters that they're looking for since their posts will be amongst those that are on-topic (mostly) in an already up-and-running thread. Much easier to see a thread with a ridiculous title (like "Did the Swiss League Ruin Seguin") and dole out that "free punch" to the noob than to scour the entire board looking for their one moronic post that would otherwise be buried amongst hundreds and thousands... But since they have the power to, they felt entitled to start a thread about it.

It's like getting a learner's permit before you get a driver's license. And I'm pretty sure that it can be automated, so there would actually be less work for the mods cleaning these messes up. Gotta crawl before you can walk ...

I thought 6 months was pretty liberal ... Originally, I was thinking 1 year
I don't think this board would be as entertaining if it were that tightly controlled, with six-month waiting periods and the like. So what if we get the occasionally outrageous and absurd opening post? Isn't that part of the fun? I don't feel like the quality of the Bruins board discussion is so low that it needs to be made more exclusive. There's a good mix of solid analysis with silly, IMO, and I actually enjoy some of the silliness (and the silly responses it elicits). Just leave it be. As we can see from this thread, the community has a pretty good ability to self-regulate, and plenty of peaceniks among the aggros.

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