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01-27-2013, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Based on the offers we've seen and read about, I have very little faith in MB in regards to how to handle Subban. This is a total cluster**** and our rookie GM has failed his first test (which should've been an easy layup.)

It's hard to stay positive when we continue to make unforced errors that don't make any sense. It's one thing to not rebuild, that's fair enough. If managment feels a different route is the direction they want to go, so be it.

But the incompetence that we've seen is mindblowing. The Gomez fiasco, the Gauthier sideshow and now this... There's just no excuse for what's happening right now and if we're lucky Subban knuckels under and just signs with us. I wouldn't blame him at all though if he tells MB to go jump in the lake. All we can do is hope that he's willing to be ripped-off and play for us.
Won't disagree but I'm still hoping for the best even though I can't really see it.
I'm hoping Bergevin salvages whatever relationship with PK he has left, increases his offer and they come to a peaceful agreement, no grudges.

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