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Originally Posted by BillD View Post
O'Reilly is overvaluing himself. There are intangibles to be considered when evaluating the worth of a player. If it was just a matter of points divided into dollars it would be too simple because the game is about much more than points unless you get to very high levels. I think O'Reilly plays a pretty complete game but he has to prove he can keep up the point production before he gets that type contract.
Okposo lacks a lot of the intangibles and his best numbers do not warrant anything more than he is getting. Okposo is NOT a complete hockey player, he lacks hockey sense, an inner drive to push himself to succeed, a physical element.
Grabner had a poor season last year compared to the first year, but he brings more complete ability than Okposo does and is more valuable to the team.
Grabner brings terrific speed and a lack of grit.

Okposo brings aggressive puck pursuit and an underrated physical game. You don't have to lay an opposing player out, to bring a physical element: going to the dirty areas of the ice, fighting for pucks along the board.

I have to say the comments that Grabner is a complete player, is kind of amusing, after all the complaints just 2-3 months ago that he was a 'one trick pony'. It doesn't take much for the bandwagon to fill up.

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