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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
TR...Fleury's GAA the past 3 playoffs has been 3.02, and his SV% has been .879. If you ask me, the fact that we have consistently had one of the worst starting goalies the last 3 post-seasons is a much bigger factor than any defensive issue. I'd suggest that our playoff defense has actually been pretty solid outside of the Philly series.

We've kept the shots against Fleury down - often to absurdly low levels - yet he always manages to get outplayed by the other guy. Difficult for any coach to win with his goalie playing like that.

They have not been managing the puck well lately...last year down the stretch when the team got overconfident in their ability to win by offense alone and so far in this 4 game season. That's about it.

I wouldn't read anything like "Sid and Geno have gone rogue!" out of that, which would be pretty sensationalist.

It obviously hasn't hurt them, if that was the implication.

Fleury playing like trash the last 3 games?

I think the fanbase is hypersensitive after the loss to Philly.

Yes, it was a trainwreck. No, 4 games into a season like this one is not the time to start looking for parallels.
Again, Roddy, if it were JUST 4 games or JUST 4 games and the loss to Philly, then I don't think the reaction would be what it is. But, this is 25 or so games and a lot of the the factors date back well before that.

BTW, Sid and Geno haven't gone rogue in a sensationalist way, but they've definitely been playing outside the system. Either they don't want to listen OR they're absent-minded OR they're trying to overcompensate for the competitive disadvantage at which they feel placed by the coaching staff.

I've seen this play before with Therrien. There's no nefarious reason for it. Team is winning in spite of the bad trends (like late November 2008 and like last year leading into the playoffs), and some people (like me) sound alarm bells while others say 'we're still winning' and 'he got us to the finals just a few months ago'.

Thing is, either a coach nips it in the rear or risks losing the team. Therrien didn't nip it in the rear. Bylsma, as evidenced the last few games last season, against Philly, and then with the 2-2 record, clearly hasn't either.

I hope he's got an ace up his sleeve. I'll be happy to embrace any positive sign today, starting with his lineup card. Strike that, I'll have to see if there's any game planning and adjustments.

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