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01-27-2013, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by redwings85 View Post
I personally think Detroit can be that powerhouse this year. They have the players (aside from the defense core that needs a bit of work). But the forward core for the wings is quite talented they really just need to utilize their strengths and play with heart and grit. They need to stop playing lazy hockey, and get back to the dominate selfs back in 02/08 even 09. Can their be improvements? Most certainly. But I see the improvements being players on the current roster an the performance given. Ill give it a few more games its only been 4 games I'm not going to press the panic button yet.

Really if you've seen the Chicago games they got a bit lucky to win 2/3 of the games. St. Louis again close calls on their behalf as well. Hell even the sharks have been **** lucky. This entire season from the get go has really been weird and wonky. This will settle very very soon and the "real" teams will show up soon.
Saying Detroit could be a powerhouse with "luck" this year is laughable, Out of the nine D-men they've played this season only Kronwall is a top-four quality guy.

Detroit won't be a contender until they rebuild the defense.

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