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01-27-2013, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by mindfly View Post
For how long do you think the mediocrity will last? It's been 3 years already (09/10 season) of pure "meh".

Do you think they will need to re-build as many of the current powerhouse teams have done... Sucking, getting high draft picks etc?

How do you see this unfold?

I remember "a few" seasons ago and you could be 90% sure that the wings would win a certain game. Now they're more or less a .500 team. How the mighty have fallen

What the hell kind of speculation is this, mindfly?

How the mighty have fallen?

Ho long exactly were the mighty supposed to remain a dominant force in a league with 30 teams where the weakest pick highest? And furthermore, with a cap system?

Maybe if they tank, they'll get their sooner. Who really knows.

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