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Originally Posted by 68 View Post

Since a lot of people here are discussing the surgeries they have had, I thought I would ask a medical related question here even if it's off-topic. I just got confirmation that a bone in my hand is fractured (the one after the pinky finger to be more precise, I think they call this a Boxer's fracture). Doctor told me that I should get a call from Maisonneuve-Rosemont to schedule a rendezvous with a plastic surgeon so he can evaluate if I should get a surgery or not.

My question is: how long would I have to wait to get this surgery? Probably months or a year right?

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if the emerge doc think, but isn't sure you may need sx, he should have asked plastics to followup with you sooner, like a week or 2 tops, for them to acess the need for intevention. plastics may tell you you won't need any, but if they do, it's usually fairly soon, as they don't want to have to break your hand to fix it. things may start to heal a little, but they can work with that.
call other hospitals for f/u. pretty much all hospitals other than the jewish and the general, and rvh just plain suck. you couldn't pay me to get treated at any CHUM hospital. gross. call around and tell them you have a boxer # and see what's the soonest you can get.

also, what did you punch? haha. that's where that fracture got it's name from. usually comes from young guys raging and clocking a wall.

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