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01-27-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
That's fine. Except PK is apparently being offered 2M less than what you're suggesting.

Also, you don't get hamstrung by 1 contract of 5-6M, that represents less than 10% of the cap. You need to look at the rest of the 90-95% of the cap and how it's used.
We currently have 6.4M in cap space. Next year, we have a compliance buyout, my guess is it's Kaberle. So, we have room even if you want to sign him longterm.

But you just said it, guys like Cole and Gionta, they're the ones with the bad deals. Are you going to say Price is hamstringing us?? He's the highest paid player after all.
No, because the young guys like MaxPac and Price are the ones you invest in. PK is another one.
You don't tell PK to take a 2M deal and then give over the hill vets big bucks. It's ********.

But as I said, Bergevin isn't even offering what you are.
No one knows with 100% certainty what Bergevin is offering.

To your point. Price is not overpaid. He is the most valuable player on the team without question.

Can MaxPac, Price and Subban win us a Cup? No.

They will need support. We still need at least one more impact player for the top 6 and we still need a physical DMan (with or without Subban).

Getting those players here will require Cap management over the next couple of years.

Why blow the entire cap surplus on one player when just having that one player will not move us toward the Cup.

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