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01-27-2013, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Kade View Post
I would give him 2 years at 3 million per or 8 years at around 5 million per year as you tie him up thru RFA for a few years. I am sure they only want to sign for 5 or 6 years so he comes out a UFA after the deal.
I believe there is a 7 year max in the new CBA. So that would be 4 RFA years,
and 3 UFA years. If the RFAs are worth 4-4-5-5, and the UFAs 7-7-7, that makes
39 over 7 years, or 5.5 . Given the cap is going down, these numbers might be
a bit generous. Still 5 per year is about the minimum we could get that many years
No one can predict any ones career. But Subban is a safer prediction than most.
We have seen his level of play without further improvement, and he already
contributes a lot.( and I don't care whether he should be labeled a #1 or not)
At his age he is very likely to improve. With his tool he could improve a great
deal. So the chance 7 years at 5mil becomes a bad contract is small. It is at
least as likely that it becomes a bargain.
And, from a cap prospective, the shape of those years is good for the Habs.
Any over-payment likely fall in the first year or two, while we have cap room.
In return we may have a bargain during the years we hope to have a contender,
when we may need all the cap space we can find.

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